[techinc-announce] MoneyLab: Take part in Hackerspaces Tour - visit TechInc in Amsterdam (fwd)

Vesna Manojlovic becha at xs4all.nl
Sun Mar 16 16:32:14 CET 2014

dear all,

I would like to invite you to one of the hackerspaces in Amsterdam:
Technologia Incognita [1]

 	We exist for more then 2 years now, we have about 100 members,
 	completely self-funded, organised as an association with
 	bottom-up decision-making structure, and we are located in an
 	"art incubator", very Dutch concept of "legalized squatting"
 	(broedplaats (h)ACTA [2])

Last year, at UnlikeUs, some of us from TechInc organised a workshop with the 
participants, a hackathon... and it was good fun. [3]

This year, Institute of Network Cultures is organising
 	MoneyLab (coining alternatives)
and after that I'd like to invite you to visit us:
a real hackerspace :)

It's a small event - afternoon tea, on the Sunday after the conference [4]

- 23.3. from 4PM onwards
- address: Louwesweg 1
- see here for detailed directions [5]
- or find me at MoneyLab: I'll have TechInc stickers [6]
and TechInc T-shirt...
- topics: coining alternatives, hacking the society

This is also an extension of Hackerspaces Tour [7] -- one of my projects.

Whenever I travel, mostly for work, I visit a local hackerspace and invite 
others from a conference (mostly RIPE meeting) to visit with me -- thus 
mixing-up communities, creating connections and spreading the love for the 
hackerspaces :) You can find one in a city near you here [8]

If you are interested in having a chill-out,
please join us for tea -- and Club Mate, mythical hackers drink --
and have a discussion with the hackers, makers, techies, geeks,
and those who build communities, like me. [9]

See you soon,


[1] http://techinc.nl

[2] http://www.actagebouw.nl

[3] http://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/Karma_server#Hackathon_at_UnlikeUs_.233

[4] http://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/MoneyLab:_Tea_With_Hackers

[5] http://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/ACTA#Address


[7] https://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/Hackerspaces_tour

[8] http://hackerspaces.org

[9] http://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/User:Becha

"The greatest shortcoming of the human race is
our inability to understand the exponential function."


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