[techinc-announce] Uncivilized meeting in Amsterdam

Mathijs de Bruin mathijs at dsrp.eu
Thu Aug 11 14:02:48 CEST 2016

Dear all,

It would be my honour to invite you all, Saturday the 20th at 14:00 at the Amsterdam hackerspace Technologia Incognita (Louwesweg 1) for discussion, deliberation and exchange of views.

The topics would be along the lines of the uncivilization mailinglist, operated by Vesna (becha): community, cooperation, commons, squirrels
nature, anarchy, utopia, anthropocene, collapse

Should you have a particular story to tell, as in giving talks, you are welcome - let me know if you require facilities such as a whiteboard or beamer.

Lastly, for the curious, the uncivilization mailinglist’s archive, as well as the join form can be found here: https://lists.puscii.nl/wws/arc/uncivilization

Kind, warm, regards,

P.S. Do not hesitate to invite friends with relevant interests - and do let me know if they come (soup-wise).

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