[techinc-announce] ICANN / Internet Governance evening at TI on Sunday, 26.3.

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Mon Mar 20 14:30:09 CET 2017

As most of us (hopefully) know, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers) is the organisation that is responsible for
developing domain name policy as well as managing the IANA (Internet
Assigned Numbers Authority) functionality (IP address & AS number
allocation and root zone management).

ICANN is a very interesting approach to Internet governance - the
oft-repeated buzzword is "multistakeholder", which means that a
community of volunteers from commercial  companies, network operators,
non-profit and non-governmental organisations etc., not governments (or
government-based organisations such as the UN, EU or ITU) are in the
driving seat on policy.

At the same time, ICANN has a long history and a very complicated
structure of "constituencies", "supporting organisations" and "advisory
committees", and loves acronyms.

Tapani Tarvainen, the current chair of the ICANN NCSG (Non Commercial
Stakeholder Group) and Julf Helsingius, ICANN GNSO NCA NCPH (Nominating
Committee Appointee to the Generic Names Supporting Organisation Council
for the Non-Contracted Parties House) will give an overview of the ICANN
organisation and functions, and try to answer questions on the ICANN
work (and ways to participate).

Hopefully Stefania Milan (Non-commercial Stakeholder Group
representative on ICANN Generic Names Supporting Organisation Council)
and Jaap Akkerhuis (Research Engineer at NLNet Labs and member of ICANN
Security and Stability Advisory Committee) will be able to join
us - still waiting for confirmation.

We are planning to start at 19:00 on Sunday.


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