[techinc-announce] Open Broedplaats Dag: 18 September, Learning about Printers (and smashing them)

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Fri Sep 2 13:55:03 CEST 2016

As part of Open Broedplaats Dag at the ACTA, we're hosting the event
listed below.
More info about the open broedplaats-dag on 18th of september can be
found on: http://www.actagebouw.nl/agenda/open-broedplaatsendag-2016

Hi peeps,

On the 18th of September, we're going to be taking apart tons of
printers, scanners and other hardware in what I have dubbed
'OfficeSpacePArty', mainly because we're going to be applying a few
hundreds of kilonewtons of force to the printers with a baseball bat,

Anyway, the wiki-page to register yourself for this event is on

Here's the info so far

Together with our resident Mofo from Urban Resort, we've saved up a ton
of printers/scanners and other stuff that combines the glory of
electronics with the hell of mechanical failure.

The reason we collected this stuff is to have a way to demolish a lot of
hardware, for 'Fun and Profit' (tm).

The idea is to look at how these things have been put together and to
show people just what kind of fun stuff can be salvaged for re-use from
these types of hardware.

What we'll do:
- Take stuff apart
- Inspect how it works (Justa and others will explain the innards)
- Smash up the remains with a baseball bat.

Those who have seen the movie 'OfficeSPace' will know just why this
event is called 'Office Space Party'
If not, go watch the infamous printer-smashing scene !

The event is planned to be held in the 'courtyard' (downstairs from the
AuxSpace, so to speak). We'll have drinks and music.
If you have some old printer/scanner/whatever that you'd like to take
apart for learning about electronics/mechanics, please bring it !

Expect to learn about:
- Stepper motors (3-phase, bi-polar)
- Stepper drivers
- Quadrature-encoders + Servo-control-loops
- Laserprinter optics
- Optical interrupt-sensors (endstops/positioning)
- Basic Switched-mode power-supply info
- Fuser/Toner tech
- Baseball-bats

Please let me know if you're coming, below:
* Justa


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