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Interesting for our members (and the general public)

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Our next IJhack workshop is at Cafe Batavia 1920 and will be followed by
the QtPass 1.0 release party.
Cafe Batavia is also where TechInc used to meet before we had our
(TempInc) space.

The workshop is aimed at people with little to no familiarity with
electronics. You’ll be able to make an IJduino, solder together it’s
LED display and set up a programmer and get some code to try out, play
pong, tetris, flappijbird or use it in some other fun way.
For people not familiar with the IJduino check out http://ijduino.org or

QtPass is an opensource password manager that uses GPG and git for safe
and convenient storage (and optionally sharing) of passwords.
It can be a wrapper for http://www.passwordstore.org/ or work
stand-alone. There are migration scripts to import from Keepass(X),
Lastpass and more.
There will be a short talk on pass, QtPass and OpenSource development.
The first alpha of QtPass was released exactly a year prior.
We are still looking for people to help out translate the app in as many
languages we can. You might even be able to get in a translation commit
during the final sprint to 1.0 Saturday first ;-)

Admission is of course free, you will however have to pay for your own
drinks etc..
Cafe Batavia also has a pretty good kitchen (I can recommend the chicken
tenders and burgers).


August 1, 2015 16:00 - August 1, 2015 23:59

Cafe batavia 1920 Room 5
Prins Hendrikkade 85,
1012 AE Amsterdam

Kind regards,
Anne Jan Brouwer

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