[techinc-announce] Weekly Members Meeting I

reality gaps realitygaps at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 00:19:18 CET 2014

This upcoming Sunday  (09/02) will be the first of the weekly members
meetings. This is an attempt to create a forum for discussing and
organising things to do with the space. Its unlikely to be perfect but
hopefully it can help somewhat with moving us forward organisationally
and its format can be adapted as we learn from our mistakes.

The plan is for short 30 minute meetings, where items can be assessed
and action points created. Long discussions should happen outside of
the meeting and the conclusions of those discussions can be brought to
the next meeting.

The current agenda for the first meeting is available at

Feel free to add items to the agenda (if possible with your name beside them).

Its probably a good idea to use the Orga mailing list for these
discussions. This  should help to lessen the volume of posts on this
list and only mail the people who are actuaminuteslly interested in
the organisational side of techinc.

The orga list is at

Obviously, the time/day of the meeting may not work well for everyone,
but that is the case for someone in our group with pretty much any
time/day chosen in the week. A summary of the meetings will be shared
(on the wiki and the orga list).

Hope to see you on Sunday,

Happy hacking,


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