[techinc-announce] Software Defined Radio sunday @ techinc, this sunday

cmpxchg cmpxchg at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 9 21:05:48 CET 2014

Software Defined Radio sunday
Sunday 14th of December the first (of a series) of radio-related events
will be held @ Technologia Incognita, the Amsterdam hackspace.

A whole day with access to RF testing equipment to test and demonstrate
self-built radio concepts, radio and antenna software, (de)modulators,
protocol decoders, diversity transmitters/receivers, through-wall imaging
radars, any other radio-related topics to discuss.

There will be at least one PC-based spectrum analyser available
(for measuring harmonics up to 12 GHz), some RF recording equipment to
offline debug (software) radios (up to 6 GHz, bandwidth up to 100 Msps),
and a low-power 4, GHz tracking generator for filter and antenna tests,
and various other RF accesories. Also, a 500 MHz bandwidth scope with deep
memory will be available.

Note that this event is meant for non-conductive tests on low-power radios
- please leave your your travelling wave tube equipment at home!

We will start around 11:00 and end somewhere in the evening.
If you have specific projects or tests, please contact me, and
make sure you have adapters and antennas with you.



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